Yunfeng Yao


Book Deisng-Running Turkeys, Penguin Publishing

Penguin Books Cover Design-Talking Turkeys

Cover Design.




2019 London, Unite Kingdom

A new cover look for Talking Turkeys to bring this original and unforgettable book to new readers. Primarily aimed at children aged 8 to 12, the cover design ensured that these poems are a must-read for every child.

Talking Turkeys is an unconventional collection of straight-talking poems about heroes, revolutions, racism, love and animal rights, among other subjects.

As a Chinese designer, I always think about things from different perspective like my background cultural. Tangram is a children’s toy in ancient China. It is composed by different color blocks. In this way I have reconstructed the turkey into different color blocks, and then according to the content of the book. I made different patterns.