Yunfeng Yao



Performance | Video | Readymade Art

Exhibition: Tate Morden, London

As the readymade is defamiliarized and everyday experience no longer works, the shift from skepticism of the readymade to a questioning of art has led to a debate on the issue of artistic standards. Duchamp's anti-art is through such a space replacement to make people rethink the aesthetic concept and make art go down the altar. Its significance lies not in the reflection on the work itself, but in the fact that it marks the turning point of an era. But what Duchamp didn't realize was that while he asked the traditional art system, the question itself also created a new system and influenced the subsequent process of art development. Can't escape.

The spatial attribute of the gallery changes the concept of the object and turns it into an artwork. The purpose of Design Within is to put a poster from a second-hand market in an art gallery, which changes the context of the space and brings the item back to its origin.