Yunfeng Yao




Performance | Video | Printing | Context | Concept | Construction

Exhibition: Tate Morden, London

In a sense, artists are "choosers" rather than "creators",I'm questioning what is the art, and thereby reconstructing expectations of the object, questioning the originality of the work, exploring the mass production and commodification of aesthetics, and making people realize that familiar associations with the object are meaningless mental construction.

Susan Sontag mentioned in her book Away with all duplicates of it, until we again experience more immediately what we have. Art is not a positive science, in art there is no constant and unique existence like the law of gravity. Contrary to positive science, art is pluralistic, and any "constant uniqueness" will inevitably lead to exhaustion and rigidity. The so-called revenge of intelligence on the world means that the pleasure brought by positive science drives human beings to use the tool of interpretation to destroy the text, in order to dig out the "behind things".

Dissonance is a work which completed under the concept of Duchamp and finally broken at Tate Morden, in order to make people realized on the inescapable cycle we are in.

I hope that through this work, people can regain experience, rethink, and "feel" what we have. But to feel it, to experience the art itself. Because we don't need another shadow, and we don't need another senseless copying, especially when this shadow and copying interferes with our perception of the "real world."