Yunfeng Yao




Workshop | Publication | Playground

By: Super Ecology

Royal College of Art, London.

2:13PM is a playground. And everyone has a different interpretation of it. For me, the purpose of play is to escape, to escape from this absurdly limited framework that I am in, and to return to the most original intension.

At 2:13PM we decided to play, we went to different playgrounds to "play" in this process. For us Play is a form of protest. It is inactivity to an adult, and it is taking ownership of our time. We are using play to form deeper connections in an age of hyper disconnectivity. We've grown to accept our isolation in the sad cocoons of our homes. The not- so-hidden agenda of play is to inspire conversations that build experiences , and closer friendships. Connectivity and discomfort are interlinked with friendship and creativity. We came to realise that we DID learn something very important from the pandemic. We learned to be still. To observe. To meditate. To reflect. We had to find these moments within ourselves despite knowing the scary reality.