Yunfeng Yao



Transmedia Installation | Coding | Editorial Design | A.I.

Co: Institute of Quantum science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. China National Geographic. Huawei. Xindajiean Exhibition: 798 Art Zone, Beijing. Kunlun Mochizuki Art Gallery

Quantum entanglement is two interacting particles. This entangled state may have countless results before being observed, but after being observed, the result becomes quantitative. Each observation may have a different quantification.

From this, I think of "there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people." In Hamlet, Shakespeare's Hamlet is emotional; it is two-sided. The drama uses different kinds of people to set off the emotional changes of the protagonist, and creates a multi-faceted image of Hamlet. Each audience has their own views and opinions. The image of Hamlet comes from the audience's different "expected horizons";

Therefore, the re-creation of artistic image is the creation of the image by the recipient mobilizing the subjective factors; Hamlet is like a special structure with many blanks and uncertainties, which gives the recipient freedom to participate; so everyone Hamlet in his eyes is not the same. This is very similar to the entangled state in quantum entanglement.

I express the concept of quantum entanglement visually. The internal logic of quantum entanglement is similar to the concept of "there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes" in Hamlet drama, therefore I use this concept to express quantum entanglement. I designed books and AI interactive devices to display this project. I use the language of the program to generate a thousand pictures and arrange them on the book, so that the audience can interact with the installation and participate in this project.