Yunfeng Yao


Digital Twin: Spiritual Machines - The other

Digital Twin: Spiritual Machines - The other

Interactive Installation


Microcomputers / Stainless Steel / Custom Power Supply​ / Resin / 3D printing


Royal College of Art, 2023 London

Truman Brewery, 2023 London

As the virtual object continues to envelop the self and the surrounding reality, our perception of the body is generally absent; In other words, we may become increasingly distant from our bodies.

The installation presents a visual juxtaposition of the cybernetic body, unlike the data body in the virtual world, which always minimises physical signs, while the cybernetic device amplifies the activity, and rhythm of the human body.

In the exhibition site, the vital signs of the audience are captured by the installation and translated from four dimensions into diverse movements and sounds on the physical device, a form of interaction that works by creating a certain type of neuronal network. At the same time, it is a distributed intelligent network architecture involving multiple sensory, feedback loops occurring in a wave field, that enables you to hear your body, awaken your perception of it and re-experience the power of its presence.